Industrial Disinfectant


Personal Cleaner & Industrial/Commercial Disinfectant

Shield yourself at home, work, and on-the-go with unique 19, a long-lasting, multi-purpose cleaning formula that’s strong enough for surfaces and gentle enough for hands.

What is unique 19 & How Does It Work?

powder tablet

Unique 19 is an encapsulated, powder cleaning formula that’s free of alcohol & toxins.

For application, simply mix the powder capsule or packet with water to activate the solution.

Clean & disinfect a variety of surfaces within 1 minute of application.

The solution leaves a protective layer of TiO2 that shields surfaces for 14 days.

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Features & Benefits

Independent Lab Tested

Proven efficacy against common bacteria, fungi and viruses, including the coronavirus family

Fast Acting

Effective within 1 minute of application

Long Lasting

Disinfectant remains effective on surfaces for 14 days following application


Does NOT contain toxic chemicals like Aldehydes, Phenols, Alcohols, Iodophors, or Formaldehyde. Mixed cleaning solution is 99% water!


Effective on both hands and surfaces

2-in-1 Personal Cleaner & Industrial/Commercial Disinfectant

Industrial Disinfectant

Easy 3-Step Application

for Industrial/Commercial Use

Step 1: Add Water

Add 1 packet & fill sprayer with water. Tightly replace lid.

Step 2: Shake

Shake or stir until content contents are mixed; solution will turn pink.

Step 3: Spray

Spray contaminated surfaces with solution & let sit until dry.

Product Application Details


Unique 19 is an encapsulated, powder cleaning formula that becomes activated by mixing with water. Simply combine the powder capsule or packet with hot water to create the cleaning solution that can be used to spray, swab, rub or soak contaminated surfaces, including plastic, wood, stone, leather, glass, metal, and even human skin!

Unique 19 is a non-toxic, stabilized blend of Hydrogen Peroxide and Crystalline Titanium Dioxide (Titansorb P). Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical compound with the formula H202, commonly used as a cleaning and disinfecting agent. Crystalline Titanium Dioxide is a widely available compound that can be mined from minerals in the ground and is commonly found in food as whitening additives and in sunblock products. Titansorb P is a breakthrough Adsorbent by Watch Water with superior bacteria killing capabilities and can remove Arsenic (III & V), Antimony, Cadmium, Copper, Chromium (VI), Lead, Zinc, Selenium, Uranium and many other heavy metals from water. Inactive ingredients also include Potassium Pentasulfate, Sulfamin Acid, and Sodium Chloride. Unique 19 does NOT contain toxic chemicals like Aldehydes, Phenols, Alcohols, Iodophors, or Formaldehyde.



Unique 19 offers two pre-measured products based on your application needs. The Personal Cleaner comes in pre-measured capsules sized for use in 4 oz. spray bottles and is perfect for cleaning surrounding surfaces throughout your day (such as door handles, shopping carts, cell phones, etc.). The Industrial/Commercial Disinfectant comes in pre-measured packets sized for use in half-gallon sprayers and is meant for large industrial and commercial applications.

Unique 19 has been ASTM E1053 tested for 99.9% effectiveness. See the test results here and learn more by scrolling up to the “Test Data & Certifications” section above.

The deactivated powder formula within the capsules and packets has a shelf life of 3 years. Once the powder formula has been activated by mixing with water, the resulting cleaning solution has a shelf life of 10 days. Once the cleaning solution has been applied to a surface, it continues to disinfect the surface for 14 days following application.

No, the pink color of the mixed cleaning solution is not associated with its effectiveness and only occurs when the powder formula is first activated by mixing with water. While the pink color only lasts a few hours, the mixed cleaning solution maintains potency for 10 days.

For Personal Cleaner: Once the powder capsule has been activated by water, it does not irritate the skin, generate toxic vapors nor damage clothing or surfaces. However, if the powder capsule is punctured and you become exposed to the raw, deactivated powder, use gloves to dispose of the powder and do not inhale vapors.

For Industrial/Commercial Disinfectant: While pouring powder in half-gallon sprayer, use proper protection to avoid contact with eyes and broken skin. Do not inhale vapors. Follow any regulatory standards required for your facility.

In no case should unique 19 be ingested in powder or liquid form. If swallowed, drink water immediately to dilute solution and get medical help or contact Poison Control at (800) 222-1222.